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SEO Training & Knowledge Sharing.

Stay on top of the ever changing SEO landscape and empower your staff.

  • We offer fully flexible SEO training carried out on-site, externally or remotely depending on your needs.
  • We offer 1 to 1 knowledge enhancement all the way to fully catered lecture or conference style training for large groups.
  • Training sessions can be recorded using internal kit or our expert videography department for a professional finish.

SEO Training & Knowledge Sharing

SEO is changing at a faster rate than ever before. In the last five years, the rulebook has been completely rewritten. We now have to contend with Penguins, Pandas, Freds and Machine Learning, which means that old ways of working in SEO have become redundant.

In this fast paced environment it is only natural that knowledge becomes stale. Books are out of date, articles are no longer valid, opinions and methods haven't been refreshed. But these out of date techniques and knowledge can leave you struggling to get results or, worse, can put you in Google's cross hairs.

At Epiphany we believe in empowering our clients and working together to achieve great results. We want our clients to understand SEO, to question and to want to learn. It makes getting things done easier and facilitates better communication throughout all stakeholders.

On & Off-site SEO Training

We can provide bespoke training for your staff at any level around a number of subjects including:

  • SEO Fundamentals
  • Advanced Technical SEO
  • Keyword & Audience Research
  • Code & Speed Optimisation
  • International & Localisation

The training can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, delegate volumes, timings and even location to ensure you get the most from the experts at hand.

Knowledge Sharing

Many businesses already benefit from having an expert at hand capable of joining in with key meetings, internal conferences and brainstorms. Having someone there to fight SEO's corner can often avoid costly mistakes later down the line by getting everyone thinking about how their input could be slightly modified to align with the goals of specific channels.

We can provide that expert in the room or second opinion where needed. Our SEO team is all client facing and experienced in speaking to stakeholders at all levels. Several members frequent the UK conference circuit from Brighton to Leeds and we are comfortable talking to 2 people or 2,000.

SEO isn't smoke and mirrors. If someone can't explain what they do and why then they will likely provide no long term value.

Malcolm Slade Head of Technical SEO
Malcolm Slade, Head of Technical SEO