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PR and Social Media.

introduce your brand to new audiences

  • Traditional and digital PR
  • Media relations
  • Social media and influencer engagement
  • Creative content
  • Crisis comms and reputation management
  • Event management
  • Regional and community engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Insight, analysis and intelligent reporting

hello, world

Brands all over the country are doing amazing things every day. Creating life-changing products. Supporting local communities. Creating a start-up business and hitting those first growth milestones. But if they don't shout about it, they become the unsung hero.

Our specialist communications team, Jaywing PR, exposes amazing brands to new audiences through PR and social media. This exposure could be high profile national or broadcast coverage that hits millions of consumers as they make their way into work. Or, it could be social engagement with an incredibly specific trade audience, that has the potential to drive enquiries and sales. Our digital communicators, former journalists, and traditional media specialists know how to find your key audiences, and where, and how to capture their attention. This could be:

  • in-depth, first-of-its-kind research
  • promotion of new and existing products
  • advice and thought leadership pieces that show off our clients' expertise
  • events that make our client brands matter - right then - to journalists and customers
  • day-to-day success stories, from business growth to new product launches

more than words

Jaywing PR combines traditional media relations with digital know-how and engagement expertise. Our buzz words will always include measures of brand awareness, like 'coverage', 'reach', and 'social follows'. But our heritage, as part of one of the UK's largest search marketing agencies, means that we have the insight, analysis skills and intelligent reporting systems to look much closer at the impact of our activity - whether it's a media stunt or a social campaign - to make sure that everything we achieve also helps your business.

We may work in words, but we also build genuine, high authority links that can improve your organic search performance and drive traffic back to your website. We benchmark and measure online brand mentions, sentiment and topics, to keep tabs on your reputation. We track attendance at events, and data capture achieved on the day. We build creative on-site content that draws people to your website and keeps them there.

Everything we do is there to prompt a tangible response from your audiences. Brand awareness is just the start.

who do you want to be?

The media world is a scary place to be if you're not quite sure who you are, or worry about your reputation.

Our media specialists are in that world every day, talking to journalists and influencers about everything from the latest smartphones and interiors trends, to funeral care plans. By knowing how they work, and who you are and how you want your brand to be known, we can connect the two.

Our strategic planning process starts with a full immersion with you and key members of your team. Here, we define what success looks like and identify a brand mission, vision and values, along with tone of voice and key messages. These are woven into everything we do for you, from the way we introduce you to journalists, to the social posts we script, to the campaigns we propose. If an activity isn't 'you', it doesn't make it to our meetings with you.

talking to the right people

Sometimes, media coverage isn't right for a brand. Some may have excellent brand awareness, but an audience which is inactive and disengaged.

Our approach to communications considers a huge range of influencers, from bloggers, to brand ambassadors, and partner organisations. A relevant brand ambassador may excite and re-engage a stagnant social audience, prompting them to like, share, and retweet again. Similarly, bloggers have become celebrities and journalists in their own right, with loyal followers who trust their opinion. Partner organisations can add authority to fledgling brands, and make the industry sit up.

We use our awareness of these influencers, and our market-leading insight tools, to find the right one for your brand and create a relationship that benefits both sides.