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We ensure the right products are showing for the right search terms through a combination of logical campaign structures, performance based optimisation and feed manipulation.

  • SKU level performance analysis
  • Full product feed reviews
  • Bespoke tool development
  • Increase long-tail search traffic
  • Specific Shopping campaign specialists
  • Global campaign management

Product Feed Build Out

Our extensive knowledge of product feeds means we are able to assist and advise from setup to implementation. Our in-house tech team create bespoke tools to work across large data feeds, enabling us to analyse and optimise on scale.

Our ability to interpret data effectively means our clients can prosper in even the most competitive environments. We've seen significant revenue growth for our clients through Shopping campaigns when combining our ability to build out granular and visible structures, alongside bespoke tools, with analysing and optimising performance.

Campaign Optimisation

We combine SKU level bid optimisation and priority settings to make sure we are bidding effectively across all products. On top of this we utilise the capabilities within Adwords and Bing to further optimise performance by time of day, device, location, demographic and audience.

We have seen extensive gains generated through the optimisation of long tail within Shopping campaigns - all achieved through the granular build out of logical campaign structures and the ability to analyse large data sets.

Local Inventory Ads

Gain more prominence for your Shopping ads and aid your offline purchases by including local store inventory information on your Shopping adverts.

This works using a combination of your store information from your Google My Business feed, plus store-specific inventory feeds. Users are then presented with your store location in addition to which products relevant to their search you currently have in stock.

We can help both with the Google My Business feed creation and your local inventory feeds.