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PPC Attribution.

  • Accurately value your non-brand campaigns
  • Recognise the value of PPC as part of the marketing funnel
  • Optimise to cross-device and multi-visit behaviour
  • Make the most of your Google Analytics Attribution Data
  • Include footfall data in bidding decisions

Understanding the true value of your campaigns

The focus on last-click conversions can damage campaigns and cause you to undervalue certain activity - particularly your non-brand campaigns, or any other PPC activity that tends to happen earlier on in the customer journey.

By using PPC attribution technology, we're able to look at the whole picture and how different keywords influence others. This allows us to understand the importance of generic terms and to optimise in order to better achieve your business goals - whether that be sales growth, new customer acquisition or return on investment.

Using first-click, linear, data-driven and custom models in addition to last-click we can understand the part that every keyword plays and how to best use them to solve the challenges that your business faces.

Integrated PPC optimisation

Your audience doesn't think in channels and neither do we. While we are specialists in search and our team of PPC experts can deliver the best possible results for your business, we like to look at the big picture. We understand how paid search fits in with the other ways that your customers interact with your business and can optimise accordingly.

This multi-channel approach ensures our use of the right message, landing page and bid at the right time. By taking the time to use the insights and extra attribution data available within Google Analytics we're able to ensure that our campaign optimisations reflect the overall importance of PPC both to your business and where the customer is in their journey.

Optimise to in-store activity

As well as online conversions, we're also able to assign value to in-store footfall activity. Partnering with Google, we've done extensive work on ROPO (research online, purchase offline) behaviour for some of our retail clients - working with Google to install beacons and in-store tracking - allowing us to understand the relationship between PPC spend and in-store visits and purchases.

This data is then used to optimise - helping us to focus budget on the areas that drive the offline metrics important to your business - ensuring our continued focus beyond the last click.