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Jaywing Intelligence.

Data-driven AI engine

  • Ingests huge volumes of data
  • Continually learns and optimises in real-time
  • Delivers more value from less spend
  • Liberates strategic thinking
  • Utilises owned and market data to deliver results
  • Intelligent optimisation drives maximum results

An AI engine driven by data

Decision is an artificial intelligence powered PPC management platform developed by the team at Jaywing Intelligence. It's able to combine a wealth of owned and market data to make real-time optimisation and bidding decisions.

Combining your site content, stock availability, product feed and PPC account detail with competitor data, Google Trend analysis and many other market insights allows Decision's machine learning algorithms to deliver continuous insight on what's happening in the market alongside real-time bid strategy and account management.

Protect your brand while maximising budgets

Rather than spend money to protect your brand terms when there's no competitors present, Decision is able to intelligently optimise the status of your brand keywords so that these terms are only live when competitors are actively bidding on your brand.

If you rank number one for your core terms organically but run brand PPC to ensure maximum visibility and click-through because you're worried about the threat of competitor activity, Decision can help you free up budget to be invested elsewhere - helping you grow your business and maximise your performance.

Intelligent optimisation

Because Decision utilises multiple data sources, it's able to maximise your net conversion volume, rather than optimise based on AdWords cookie data alone. It's also able to look at how to get the best blended result across your paid and organic traffic - helping you to maximise conversions while minimising cost.

For retail businesses, Decision's ability to optimise according to stock levels and pricing can be a game-changer. In situations where you aren't price-competitive relative to your competition you can choose your have your ads paused - to ensure you're not wasting budget in a competitive market. Decision also allows you to pause ads when you're out of stock, or if the traffic and conversions coming through other channels are sufficient to generate the sales required - helping to minimise spend but maximise results.

Easily identify new opportunities

Spotting new opportunities early can be key to gaining a foothold in competitive markets. Decision takes data from several sources, including your own site, Google Trends data, ad copy and more and combines it with your own performance data to detect new keywords that will work well for your business.

By grouping keyphrases into 3 distinct buckets of declining, flat and trending, Decision makes it easy to find new opportunities before anyone else - allowing you to maximise your Quality Score and ad performance.

Intelligent multivariate testing

Decision allows MVT to be performed against a huge number of variables - helping you find further efficiencies within your campaigns. Keywords, ad variations and positions, day-parting can be combined with user data such as device, network, location and more to optimise your bids as effectively as possible.

Optimise account structure

Decision is flexible and can either work with your existing structure or create ads and ad groups of its own accord. Able to distinguish between your Search and Shopping campaigns, it takes your best-performing content and uses it to come up with new variations that can be extensively tested.

In addition, Decision dynamically tests and learns to find the optimum combination of ad visibility and bid strategy to drive the best possible results.