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Epiphany Fusion.

Our best-of-breed PPC technology toolkit

  • Bespoke tools built by our development team
  • Dashboard development
  • Competitors & brand monitoring
  • Aggregate data from multiple sources
  • Keep campaigns up to date with site & product changes
  • Compatible with Smart Bidding & PPC management platforms

Fusion Tools

Fusion, our PPC toolbox, makes it easier to monitor and understand PPC performance - freeing up our team to spend more time optimising and developing our clients' accounts. The tools we use are designed to improve efficiency, not cut corners. They break down into three main areas of Optimisation, Reporting and Monitoring.

What can Fusion do?

Day-to-day tools that help with paid search management include features like keyword and structure builders, search query token analysers and test significance calculators. In addition our suite of technology can use external data sources such as weather APIs, TV ad schedules and competitor product pricing.

When it comes to account health, we have a number of tools that help check for errors on landing pages, monitor budgets, fluctuations in performance, outages and more. We're also able to monitor who else is bidding on your brand terms so that you're able to stay informed and act accordingly.

Finally, our suite of reporting tools means our analysts can spend their time providing insight and actions rather than running reports. We're able to combine search engine account data, analytics data and client BI in formats that meet your needs with feedback that makes a difference to your business.