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We devise and manage creative audience strategies to drive efficiency and growth for our PPC clients.

  • Onsite behaviour analysis
  • Global campaign management
  • Data driven optimisation
  • Bespoke tool development
  • Data segmentation analysis
  • Intelligent bid modification

Audience Strategies

Breaking performance down by audience gives us huge insight into different behaviour patterns, enabling us to optimise performance at a more granular level. This gives us another level of data we are able to use to make better bidding decisions across our clients' accounts - driving better results and more efficient campaigns.

Combining our expertise in creating audience strategies with our abilities to analyse data at scale means we ensure our clients' ads are showing at the right time, for the right search term and importantly for the right audience.

Campaign Segmentation

With the capabilities of segmenting performance by device, time, location, demographics and audience, we can ensure our clients are paying what a click is worth to them.

By taking the time to understand who our clients' customers are, we are able to create an audience-first approach to our campaigns, which enables us to understand the value of different customer segmentations, allowing us to deliver the most effective and tailored marketing messages for the greatest ROI.