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cross-device tracking.

hyper-personal adverts, relevant on a customer-by-customer basis.

  • Intelligent, data-fuelled retargeting
  • Introduce off-line customer insight, models and segments
  • Use CRM data to select the best ad content in real time
  • Personalised display ad content
  • Increased click-through rates and conversion
  • Avoid cross-device cannibalisation

the cross-device challenge.

Tracking users across devices is a problem that many marketers share. It’s certainly not straightforward across an ever-more complex range of devices, platforms and apps. Whilst they enable retargeting on desktop, Cookies aren't always the solution on mobile so we need to find another method.

Equally, there are few tools that are up to the challenge. Google Analytics is great but it has some weak spots and will never provide an individual customer view.

To date marketers have had a limited number of options such as encouraging visitors to sign in or using data (browser, IP address, device and app associated with ad interactions) to model the probability of it being the same user.

Until now.

Personalised cross-device retargeting.

What if we could look up previous offline purchase behaviour before serving an ad?

We could offer hyper-personal adverts, relevant on a customer-by-customer basis, rather than broad segments based on just impression data.

Working with Jaywing’s team of data scientists, we’ve developed a new data architecture and approach that focuses on tracking individuals’ behaviour, rather than site trends.

Our approach liberates your data, allowing you to link your offline data with your online data for better insight, targeting and attribution. It provides completely customisable tracking for your requirements. It’s also safe, with advanced data cleansing and flagging, including multi-level bot detection and AdBlock recording.

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