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multi-device advertising.

Mobile advertising isn’t just about making your existing ads mobile-optimised. It’s about understanding that consumers behave differently on mobile.

  • Bespoke bidding strategies for mobile
  • Powerful mobile ad creative
  • Wide variety of mobile media including PPC and display
  • In-feed advertising
  • Intelligent bid modification
  • Cross-device tracking and remarketing

the rise of mobile.

The IAB recently found that mobile accounts for over 30% of all programmatic ad spend, which is mainly driven by app downloads. Traffic from mobile is increasing all of the time and mobile is becoming an important consideration for most advertisers.

Our team runs campaigns across a variety of mobile media including PPC and mobile search, network display, premium display, social and rich media.

As in-feed advertising becomes more widely available across content commonly accessed from mobile devices, there is a great opportunity to reach customers on the go.

mobile bidding.

There have never been so many opportunities to target advertising creative to particular consumers. Epiphany has developed its reputation for ROI-led PPC and display through intelligent bidding strategies and differentiating creative. Data on how consumers use different devices for different stages of their purchase should inform messaging, creative format and bid strategy. We use a range of bidding methods and targeting  tactics, to deliver ROI from targeted mobile ad campaigns.