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mobile first.

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  • Responsive and mobile-friendly web design
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Mobile optimised content
  • Use CRM data to select the best ad content in real time
  • Personalised display ad content
  • Increased click-through rates and conversion

the mobile consumer.

Mobile technology has enabled new behaviour and has created new consumer expectations. Consumers expect mobile-friendly user experiences, responsive design and specific advertising technology (such as maps or click-to-call).

We embed a mobile-first philosophy into all of our SEO and content campaigns, advertising strategies and website design decisions.

responsive design.

We create content that can be shared socially and viewed by mobile browsers. Our approach to responsive design applies to every asset on your website, including one-off creative projects or campaigns.

revolutionary retargeting.

Working with Jaywing’s team of data scientists we’ve developed a new data architecture and approach that focuses on tracking individuals’ cross-device behaviour.

Our approach liberates your data, allowing you to link your offline with your online data for better insight, targeting and attribution. It provides completely customisable tracking for your requirements.

siri, cortana and now.

The rise of services like Siri, Cortana and Google Now is personalising search and browsing behaviour. Recommendation engines, using location and other data, are proactively providing content to phone users without the need for them to request it. The basics of optimising for recommendation results are similar to those of optimising for search results, and our teams help our clients to benefit from them.