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video and formats.

epiphany’s team opens up an ever-increasing range of formats to buy programmatically and run across mobile, social, desktop and video inventory.

  • Desktop, mobile and social ads
  • Video advertising
  • Dynamic ads
  • Large format ads
  • Edit existing TV assets or shoot fresh
  • Performance testing

desktop and mobile.

The most common format for ads bought programmatically is through desktop display. However, mobile ad spend is growing at a phenomenal rate and we expect it to continue to rise. As in-feed advertising becomes more widely available across content commonly accessed from mobiles, there is a great opportunity to reach customers on the move.

social ads.

It's no secret that free social advertising is becoming more difficult for brands. Paid social is a key channel for many advertisers with platforms like Facebook and Twitter making social a major category in programmatic advertising. 


Video advertising increased 59% year-on-year in the first half of 2014, and mobile video advertising became the fastest-growing digital ad format. Video on web, mobile and even TV can be served programmatically. Formats for video range from pre-roll and mid-roll ads served against video content, to in-banner video and richer formats with multiple engagement points within the ad unit.

Epiphany’s creative studio is home to a video team with experience of re-editing video content for YouTube or display, full service motion design and video shoots.

Native advertising.

Native ads are incorporated into the flow of editorial content and, like most other programmatic formats, can be personalised for richer experiences. Appearing in feeds means that native advertising lends itself perfectly to the increasing opportunity represented by mobile.

innovative formats.

Across different platforms and devices, advertisers can access a range of creative formats. Basic banner ads are the most common format and are good for driving reach and frequency at a low CPM, delivering new users to a website or bringing them back to convert.

Brands can often create more impact and awareness with rich media ads. Although these can have a higher CPM, they often attract a higher click-through rate and allow for more creativity. These types of ads can be particularly useful if there is a specific call to action that needs to be achieved.

Our innovative approach to personalised display makes full use of creative and dynamic ad formats to encourage clicks and conversions.

Epiphany’s creative team can produce a full range of creative ads with different features, innovative formats and functionalities.

large formats.

It’s possible to buy large-format and expandable units such as mastheads, double multi-purpose units (MPUs) and page takeovers programmatically. It's not a widely used approach as advertisers are often unaware that these can be bought and traded on a low CPM, so its still currently possible to take advantage of a less competitive market and deliver high-impact ads without a big budget.