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Video Content.

Given that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, we know how important it is to help our clients stand out from the noise and connect with their customers.

  • Engaging and shareable content
  • Complex messages communicated properly in a visual format
  • The true SEO benefit of video content
  • Short-form content promotion to your social audience
  • Your brand messages driven through video and animation
  • An experienced video production team

Brand-building through video content.

When you think of success in online video content, going viral might be seen as the gold standard; however, with the rise in on-demand content, it’s more important to engage with your consumers on their terms, and in a format that helps answer their questions.

Professionally produced content for your website, and authentic, raw content for YouTube or social channels, can help build your online presence. And whether it’s on desktop or on mobile, it helps to be quick or fun.

Integral to your content strategy.

‘How-to’ searches on YouTube are up 70% year-on-year, and when your online content captures the moments where your consumers are looking for your product or service, you can dramatically increase your marketing ROI.

Our highly skilled and experienced video production team can help clients to reach and engage with their audiences quickly and effectively. From quick how-to videos that can be shot and edited in an afternoon, to more complex multi-day location shoots, Epiphany can help with your video content requirements.

Bringing graphic design to life.

Motion design can be used to illustrate complex information, guides to services or to elevate and assist video content. Epiphany has an award-winning in-house creative studio to support motion design projects.

Google likes video.

Video content can help your SEO by:

  • Ranking in SERPs: Google Hummingbird update prefers quality content over keyword optimisation

  • Improving click-through rate: people are attracted to video results

  • Reducing bounce rates: accurate headlines and videos are key to keeping consumers engaged