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Micro-content for social is a great way of getting your message out quickly and directly to your audience. It brings levity, currency and humour to a brand’s audience - ideally expanding that audience along the way through social shares and media coverage. 

  • Define your social presence
  • Increase your social reach
  • React to current events
  • Entertain and engage with social audiences
  • Enhance brand identity
  • Prepare for the future of search

Agile and responsive to “only now” opportunities.

Our Reactive Media and Micro-Content teams are configured to move quickly, to spot and execute those fleeting chances to piggy-back on news stories to gain coverage and engage the social audience.
Working closely with the client, we turn around social content fast. Ideas can go from conception to delivery in a matter of hours, ensuring we catch the window of opportunity. Our “news of the future” radar means we also spot opportunities further ahead, and can plan in our response to drop into social feeds at just the right moment.

Bite-sized content for social.

Micro-content isn’t necessarily big, but it can still be clever. We map your social profiles and understand audience activities on social networks to find out how to best structure the campaign. Micro-content can come in a variety of formats - from images through to animated GIFs and video – but they all adhere to a common principle: reacting in real-time to make sure our clients are involved in the right conversations.

All of the content is optimised for social and campaign objectives are also focused on social performance: increasing a client’s social reach, post engagement and creating conversations that promote their brand. And when there is pick-up by publishers that is great too, but it really is about creating something for people to enjoy and share - and to develop a more positive association with the brand along the way.