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content strategy and evaluation.

great content always has a purpose, whether it's to entertain, engage, assist conversions or reinforce a brand message. our content strategists help identify, develop and deliver the right role for content, using tailored evaluation to keep plans on track. 

  • The right content for your objectives
  • Data-led content insight
  • Transparent planning process
  • Clearly defined action plans
  • Structured execution
  • Experienced media publishers

strategic approach.

It all starts with an understanding of what our clients are looking to achieve – whether that is search visibility, social engagement or onsite conversions.

Our team then conducts detailed analysis to determine how content can support your brand’s goals, allowing us to develop and promote focused content.

Content that others share, endorse and link to, driving traffic, search and social visibility. 

Content that helps build the right media partnerships and gain great coverage.

Content that helps answer consumers’ questions and that keeps visitors informed, interested and coming back for more. 

Content that search engines recognise as valuable and relevant.

Content that enhances the user customer journey and encourages conversions.

Content audit and analysis.

The content audit process is an integral part of our content planning process. Only by understanding exactly where a client's current content offering sits with regard to fulfilling marketing objectives and meeting consumer needs can we formulate a production plan that offers maximum value to the overall campaign.

gap analysis.

We use the full range of content tools to identify the content gaps in your site, based on performance, and the overall search landscape in your industry. We also look at how your competitors are filling those gaps, and identify ways in which we can fill them more effectively.

action plans, bespoke evaluation and reporting.

Our content action plan translates opportunities into a practical set of tasks; tasks that taken together will deliver the content strategy and close any content gaps. Devising and deploying a tailored set of measures is an important part of this approach, making sure we monitor the things that really matter and reporting these back in the most helpful way. 

We’ve developed our own content evaluation model, which enables comparison of key metrics at the page, site section and site-wide level.  Our reporting outlines and explains content performance clearly and succinctly, identifying the reasons for success, opportunities for improvement and where to go next with your content strategy.

Epiphany lets you run with a good idea. Whatever it is, if you think it will benefit your clients, you’ll get all the freedom and support you need to explore it.

Clayton Davis Head of Content Strategy
Clayton Davis, Head of Content Strategy