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Content Promotion.

whether it’s Micro-content or a full blown creative-led campaign, successful promotion is key to extending the reach and amplifying the impact of content.

  • Promote content to niche audiences or national media
  • Drive traffic, shares and earn coverage
  • Work with key publishers and media
  • Capture trending topics
  • Content promotion across multi-platform
  • Experienced PR and media team

Media and PR professionals.

Epiphany has one of the largest earned media and PR teams in search marketing. Over 20 media and PR professionals have developed relationships with the most authoritative publishers, bloggers and newswires in the UK to make sure our clients’ content gets noticed.

Audience insight.

Effective promotion means being really clear about who your content is for, and identifying which publishers and social influencers will help you reach the right audiences. We undertake detailed audience and publisher analysis to understand: key topics and types of content; where the audiences can be found online; and the publishers that help reach specific audiences.  

Working with publishers.

We work closely with publishers, taking time to develop relationships with individual journalists and editorial teams. These relationships are vital for our earned media activities, helping ensure we gain coverage quality coverage for our clients. By knowing what individual media outlets are looking for, we craft content tailored for them and their audiences.

Newsjacking and media requests.

We also look at trending topics and opportunities to promote content with strong cultural currency, or which responds to the news agenda.

Our flexible “newsroom” approach to finding relevant stories and themes - and responding to them quickly – enables our clients to earn quality media coverage, and also solidifies our publisher links.