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Epiphany Fusion.

Fusion, our PPC toolkit, brings together a range of proprietary and best-of-breed technology to combine data from a range of sources, including AdWords, Bing, Google Analytics, Doubleclick and AWS. It allows us to provide clients with an easy way to digest and draw messages from complex information.

  • Bespoke tools built by our development team
  • Cross-sector experience
  • Aggregating data from multiple sources
  • Dashboard development
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Compatible with Marin and other data platforms

Fusion tools.

Fusion, our PPC toolbox, makes it easier to monitor and understand paid search performance, giving us more time to optimise and develop our clients’ accounts. Some of the PPC tools that our clients find useful are listed below.

What can Fusion do?

Quality score tracker

Estimates AdWords Quality Score, tracks how the score changes over time and helps isolate the factors that are driving quality score and advert placings.

Sales data feed

A daily feed of client sales data, which is combined with Analytics queries to identify and then optimise the related paid search activity.

Price Monitor

The Price Monitor tool crawls competitor sites, helping our e-commerce clients keep up to date with prices and inventory.

Marin management plug ins

We’ve built a range of tools whose outputs upload directly to Marin PPC management tool, allowing seamless integration between datasets.

This is only a fraction of the proprietary technology that sits within Fusion - please get in touch to find out what Fusion could do for you.