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This Travel Sector Report gives an overview of the travel market, providing detailed insights into the key trends of the market forecast for 2013.

how this report helps you.

Within the report, we have identified the opportunities for digital marketers in the highly-competitive travel sector to improve their digital visibility, while also bolstering engagement with new customers, by looking at the strategies employed by a host of the most successful brands in the industry.


sector highlights.

Successful search - either paid or organic - is no different from any other form of marketing. It depends on understanding customer behaviour and motivation before using this insight to enable, encourage and persuade them to choose your brand over your competitors.

As we saw in the 2012 Epiphany Travel Report, traditional travel brands continue to struggle to adapt to online marketing. Online specialists account for 84% of the 25 most visible brands in paid search and 68% of the 25 most visible brands in organic search.

Only 13 sites appear in the top 25 for both organic and paid visibility, indicating there is room for growth within search for many of the most visible brands.

This report gives a detailed exploration of further metrics, search strategies and tactics of the most visible sites in an attempt to understand how advanced this sector is and the opportunities being missed.

Sector Highlights

  • TripAdvisor has by far the greatest keyword coverage, ranking for over 800,000  keywords
  • Six out of the 25 top brands have high DA scores of over 90, indicating an advanced and mature market
  • More than half of the top 25 brands are not combining all three Adwords features to improve the prominence of their adverts
  • Many key advertisers choose not to appear for European holiday keywords until after 8am, some even hold off until the evening