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Competition is growing among home insurance brands vying for attention in Google’s search results.

how this report helps you.

Our new report outlines the opportunities that search marketing provides to home insurance marketers.

sector highlights.

  • For many insurers, search represents an exciting way of acquiring customers directly, allowing them to diversify their new business sources and reduce reliance on price aggregators.
  • Price comparison sites are now typically responsible for generating in excess of 80% of all new leads for insurers who use them to recruit.
  • However, the volume of home insurance search queries is growing and competition for traffic and clicks is fierce.
  • There has been a 12% increase in Google search queries within the homeowners’ insurance category in 2013-14.
  • There was a 10% increase in the number of ad impressions and an 8% increase in home insurance ads clicked in the same period, leading to a cost per click (CPC) increase of 7%, much to the annoyance of insurance advertisers.
  • The home insurance sector is extremely competitive, mainly because the range of search terms that attract a significant volume of searches is very small.