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172% increase in non-brand profit year-on-year.

Virgin Holidays · Case Study



Virgin Holidays is the largest transatlantic tour operator, arranging holidays throughout the world since 1985.

Epiphany was appointed in 2012 to support its ambitious plans to develop its PPC channel.

We were tasked with building a successful search campaign for Virgin Holidays and Cruises - as well as a number of sub-brands - in a highly competitive market, all while improving ROI.


  • Drive a better ROI from PPC

Epiphany has continued to deliver great results for Virgin Holidays’ paid search activity. The team’s data-led approach ensures that our strategy is based upon intelligent decisions and the campaigns are being run in the most effective way.

Alex Adamson - Digital Marketing Manager Virgin Holidays


Consumers make multiple visits to a website before booking a holiday. To ensure these were being tracked effectively, we partnered with DC Storm to implement a weighted attribution model when we initially reviewed the account.

Our account structure and attribution data allowed our analysts to optimise for Virgin Holidays' specific goals beyond just bookings - we tracked micro-conversions such as phone calls, emails and in-store visits. This provided an understanding of how much revenue a click drives across the entire funnel, enabling more intelligent bidding decisions.

We worked with DC Storm to implement dynamic ad text, which allowed changes in Virgin Holidays' pricing strategy to be reflected across its PPC adverts in real-time (a key differentiator in the travel sector). Our analysts planned for seasonality across hundreds of destinations and used remarketing to help re-engage with previous visitors when they are most likely to book.

The results speak for themselves: a 28% increase in ROI led by a 173% increase in non-brand profit year-on-year.

172% increase in non-brand profit year-on-year

28% increase in ROI year-on-year