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a 31% increase in conversion rate from a new site design.

QHotels · Case Study



When luxury hoteliers QHotels decided to refresh their brand identity, Epiphany’s CRO, web development, PPC, SEO, and design teams combined to deliver a new site that converts 31% better than before.

Our CRO analysts needed to understand how customers used the QHotels site. They conducted an initial insight phase that involved a range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, including analysing our existing PPC and SEO data.

Four main areas were identified as having significant opportunities to improve conversion rates: mobile performance, booking engine pages, hotel pages and the site’s offers section.


  • Improve conversion rate from a new site design

The changes epiphany made to our website delivered beyond expectations. The team’s commitment to improving the customer journey and overall user satisfaction has given us a significant uplift in revenue.

Our new site looks great, but more importantly, is driving more hotel bookings. That’s not the end of it either: we’re confident that through ongoing CRO analysis and testing we can drive further incremental improvements to conversion rate.

Claire Rowland - Marketing Director QHotels


Our web development team and design studio, along with QHotels’ booking engine providers, worked with our CRO analysts to incorporate recommendations into the new site.

During a rigorous four-week testing period, we conducted split-tests across different devices and browsers to benchmark the performance of the new site.

It outperformed its predecessor, delivering a significant increase in hotel bookings.

Our CRO team is continuing to work with QHotels to optimise their website, testing different variables such as language used, layouts, imagery and on-site content - all with the aim of continuing to improve the site’s ability to convert.

700% ROI from the 4-week trial period revenue

31% increase in conversion rate

53% increase in mobile conversion rate