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From a Google penalty to an 83% increase in search revenue. · Case Study


When faced with a Google penalty, realised it was time to change its approach.

It needed to get out of the penalty as quickly as possible, and move forward with a new strategy that would see it challenging the dominating brands in the sector once again. 


  • Reinvigorate's approach to search
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs
  • Compete with the leading brands in the market

With search always evolving, our choice to bring in Epiphany was based on their values as leaders rather than followers, focusing on building the brand, what it stands for, and delivering the right content to our visitors.

Jay Karsandas - Digital Marketing Manager


Epiphany and have created a completely integrated search marketing campaign that brings together on-site SEO (including penalty removal, site migration and re-launch), conversion rate optimisation and online PR.

Our technical SEO team completed a full back-link clean-up process to remove the penalty and protect against future risk of penalisation. We've created a brand content, media and PR strategy to earn coverage on customer-facing sites across the web, increasing traffic, brand awareness and SEO visibility.

Our strategy has produced improvements for following the penalty removal: unique visitor numbers have risen 33%, conversion rates increased by 60% and order volumes swelled by 112% - all of which mean that revenues from search have increased by 83%.

Impact after Epiphany lifted the Google Penalty

  • Organic Traffic
  • Organic Revenue

83% increase in revenue from search

112% increase in orders

33% increase in unique visitors