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Using customer insight to drive conversion.

Carole Nash · Case Study



Carole Nash is a leading motorcycle insurance specialist and covers around one in four UK road-licensed motorcycles and scooters. Despite being one of the largest insurers in its sector, we identified a range of opportunities to improve on-site conversion rates.

As part of an initial insight phase, our CRO analysts conducted an in-depth analysis of Carole Nash's website content and structure, studied its customers' behaviours and reviewed its competitors. We were then able to inform a range of quick wins, strategic recommendations and testing recommendations.


  • Improve conversion rate
  • Drive more enquiries

Epiphany's ability to drive improving quote volumes from our PPC campaigns, alongside the ongoing improvements in conversion rates from CRO, is helping us to achieve our ambitious new customer acquisition goals and be at the forefront of bikers and classic car enthusiasts minds when choosing insurance!

Rebecca Donohue - Head of Marketing Carole Nash


After reviewing the PPC landing page, we achieved great results by testing a change in language. Our analysts sent traffic to two variations of the site, trialling tailored content based on customer understanding against the original page. Despite being just a small part of the wider CRO project, the change in language resulted in a 3.3% increase in conversion rates, which if live for the whole month could have driven a 7.8% rise in overall conversions.


We are continuing to implement site tests and provide data-informed recommendations to further improve Carole Nash's conversion rate.